Shortage of Aged care workers in Western Australia

There is not an iota of doubt that age is inevitable and a person who is in his/her younger years today is bound to grow old in future. With the advancement of medicinal and surgical technology, the life expectancy of people has increased considerably around the world and on one hand if this advancement has proved beneficial for saving our elderly; on the other hand it has contributed to the rise in elderly population. Old or elderly people as we know are unable to take care of themselves independently and need proper and timely care for staying healthy. This is why the need for aged care workers arise but unfortunately Western Australia is seeing a shortage of such workers now-a-days, which is definitely a matter of great concern.


With the growing elderly population in Western Australia, there is a dire need of professional aged care workers that don’t just possess the requisite skills for taking care of old people but also have dedication to serve the oldies. Aged care workers actually comprise the integral part of health industry because they take care of the needs and well-being of the most important but ignored lot of population i.e. the seniors. Seniors basically comprise that lot of population that are retired from their jobs and have their children settled and are now looking to spend the last few years of their lives peacefully without any mental or physical strain. But with the onset of old age, a person tends to experience considerable downfall in both physical and mental well-being and a person gets surrounded by a number of ailments. Thus, every senior requires good health care and this is what a professional aged care worker does for the seniors.


The best way of minimizing the shortage of aged care workers in Western Australia is by generating more of such workers and this is what AIHM- Australian Institute of Holistic Medicine is doing so far. AIHM is an institution dedicated in providing quality health care professionals and has a number of government funded aged care courses apart from offering several other courses in Ayurveda, nutrition and herbal medicine etc. This institution provides different types of aged care courses in WA itself which implies that by taking up such courses any medical enthusiast can easily transform into an aged care worker within a matter of few weeks.


There are a number of benefits attached with taking up aged care course in WA by AIHM. Firstly, aged care industry has been kept in state priority occupation list in 2013 which implies that the WA government is seeking such professionals who are qualified to take up this profession i.e. there are ample of job opportunities. Secondly, the salaries are extremely attractive and much of course fee is funded by government while you undertake the course from AIHM which means dual economic benefits. Last but not the least, aged care course makes one capable of serving the seniors which is nothing less than doing any social work or good deed for the entire society.

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