Aging brings about a lot of changes on the personal as well as physical level in an individual and requires special skills to cater to the elderly needs. And in order to train students in the field of aged care, various aged care courses are available in Australia that help in gaining adequate knowledge and necessary skills to provide physical, mental, emotional or behavioral support to the aged people. There are two types of recognized Government funded Aged care courses available in Perth namely, certificate III and IV that have been gaining popularity recently due to the increase in the demand for aged care workers which is expected to grow further in the coming decade.


Certificate III


This certificate course is meant for students interested to work as a personal assistant for the elderly people in the nursing homes, residential or other aged care facility. It trains the students to assist the elderly in all their day-to-day activities, handling dementia, personal care and promoting independence in the aged. It aims at developing multi-skilled aged care workers to provide all kinds of services to the elderly in residential, organizational or community settings.


The course involves both theory as well as compulsory practical training. Theoretical training is done by means of face-to-face delivery in the classroom twice a week whereas for practical exposure, the students are required to work in an aged care facility or community for about 4 weeks.


Eligibility criteria: The applicant must be 18 years of age or above and completed year 10 or equivalent with above average level of English. International students must have a minimum Academic IELTS score of 5.5 bands or pass the Institute’s Language Literacy Test. To apply for Government funding in Perth or Western Australia, the applicant must be a local resident and must possess a valid Australian citizenship/PR/temporary protection visa holder etc. A National Police Clearance is also mandatory for all the students for work experience placement.


For those who already have part-time or full-time aged care jobs in Western Australia, they can apply for traineeship and earn while obtaining a qualification. In this case, the government pays the majority of your course fee and you will be allowed to complete your training and assessment while on your job.


Certificate IV


This advanced course is meant to prepare students to provide services to the aged with complex needs and to lead or supervise a team of other aged care workers. Thus, it helps create team leaders and managers of an aged care facility. This qualification entitles you to the job positions of Care supervisor, Care team leader, Hostel supervisor, Assistant hostel supervisor, Residential care worker, Day activity worker, Accommodation support worker, Program coordinator for social programs etc.


In addition to the general eligibility criteria for Certificate III, the applicant must have achieved competency in certain core units of Certificate III.



Qualify in aged care with these aged care courses in Perth to make a difference in the lives of the elderlywhile working in your preferred local area.

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