Support and Services

We understand and appreciate the challenges and the difficulties students face when they study, Particularly for those haven’t done any formal studies for some time or not done studies in relation to human biology at year 12 school leavers level. We recommend our bridging courses for these students. It is a good way of easing back in to studies and recognise your learning strengths and weaknesses and find remedies to address the weaknesses so that you can succeed in your studies.

Bridging course:
The bridging course consisting of study skills, assignment writing, stress management, introduction to Anatomy and physiology and chemistry as subjects. It is delivered over 30 hours of contact studies and can be completed by attending on campus classes or online with the assistance of recorded audio/video lecturers and learning materials and study guides provided at your own pace of time.
Please contact us on 08 94173553 or for details on bridging course or apply online today.

Free consultation at our clinic:
Our students’ health and happiness is very important us. To this end we offer free consultations to our students at our on campus clinic. We also provide clinic products at a very special discount price for our students.

Language, literacy and numeracy support:
Students who self identify or identified by the teachers as having difficulties in language, literacy and numeracy that is required to succeed in completing a study programme will be initially counselled by the Associate dean of the college and remedial action plan will be drawn to help the students. If necessary the students will be referred to external agencies for assistance.

Library and internet facilities:
AIHM provides a library facility for use by students. Library is at AIHM administration building. All the library computers are connected to the internet for students use. We also provide free Wi-Fi facility for our on campus students.
All AIHM students are able to access the Murdoch University Library facilities by presenting a letter of reference from AIHM administration and becoming a Library member at Murdoch University at a small fee.
Once a student becomes a student member of ANTA (A free membership), they will also have the access to their online resources which contain many online journals and articles to choose from.

Academic and other counselling support:
Unlike some bigger institutions, at the AIHM you are not just a number for us. We provide all the support you need until you got it right. All you have to do is ask. If you need any assistance in relation to your subject matter your first contact is your “study buddy”. If you don’t have one please tell us we will find one for you. You can also contact your lecturer or supervisor directly. If you think the support you are getting is not adequate please contact our associate dean. If you have any other issue that hinders your study progress please contact our senior admin secretary or the Registrar who will be more than happy to help you. Remember we are just a phone call away. If necessary we will refer you to a professional counselling service.

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