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As awareness among general public regarding the adverse effects of popping pills for the minutest of suffering affecting the human body has risen in the past few years, more and more people are now resorting to alternate, safer and natural modes of treatment.Owing to the fact that the severity and chronicity of diseases affecting mankind has increased drastically due to the poor lifestyle conditions, stronger and higher doses of medications are being prescribed to control the situation which in turn, lowers the body’s natural immunity and makes one dependent on medicines. To help you come out of this vicious circle, many holistic and alternative treatments are being promoted by the health care systems worldwide and one such natural healing science is Naturopathy.


Naturopathy is a therapeutic science based on the fundamentals of Hippocrates, the father of medicine. It is based on the philosophy that the body has the power to heal itself and thus, aims to restore the body’s lost immunity or vital powers to achieve a balanced and harmonious body, mind and spirit. The body has the ability to fight and overcome diseases and naturopathy stimulates this healing mechanism. Thus, it has been accepted as a complementary system of therapy and many institutes are offering Naturopathy courses in Australia to promote education and research in this natural field of medicine.


Naturopathy courses in Australia



As naturopathy believes in treating the patient and not the specific disease and also, stresses on the interrelation of the body and mind, the course involves a wide range of subjects to cover all the aspects of health and disease such as nutrition, biomedical science, mind and body medicine, iris analysis, herbal medicine etc. This therapy also, aims at educating the patient about the diseases in order to facilitate preventive measures to reduce the recurrence of the disease and therefore, the Naturopathy courses in Australia at Australian Institute of Holistic Medicine (Aihm) offers basic counseling and communication in addition to other safety measures. Moreover, you can choose other elective courses like homoeopathy, massage therapy, aromatherapy etc. in addition to the main naturopathycourse.


It teaches you how to arouse the body’s healing powers with the help of herbal medicines, lifestyle modifications, diet and nutrition and as it is a natural and non-invasive healing art, you can be assured of zero side effects and a safejourney towards complete cure and total health.


To be a trained professional in naturopathy, you will also be required to undergo clinical training under expert supervision to acquire hands-on experience of handling and treating different types of patients. A trained clinician is able to assess, diagnose and treat various diseases in addition to identifying and handling unexpected shortcomings and take proper remedial actions.


As more and more schools are now dedicated to provide education in this miraculous form of natural cure, the research and development in this field of medicine has grown by leaps and bounds and a significant number of health professionals are being excelled in this phenomenal therapeutic science every year.



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