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Astor Ann D’Rozario

Astor D'Rozario

I am really sad to leave the AIHM. AIHM not only changed my life in a very positive way but also my entire family. It taught me the value of balance in life. I have created a life-long relationship with the AIHM. I highly recommend AIHM to any prospective student.

Françoise Ode-Berryman

Francoise Ode Berryman

I really enjoyed the family environment of the AIHM. I really felt nurtured and supported throughout my training. The dedication of the teachers was amazing.

Rupinder Bhullar

Rupinder Bhullar

At AIHM I was inspired by the teachers who had great knowledge and wisdom, and they were approachable anytime when I had a problem. Admin at AIHM made a huge difference and they made us to feel homely, and I appreciate the personal care they gave me during my journey at AIHM. Ayurveda lecturer was a great role model who inspired me to continue my journey,. It has been an amazing life experience. Thank you AIHM.

Dayle Allen

Dayle Allen

The AIHM lecturers and staff were very understanding, flexible and accommodating especially when deadlines needed change due to personal circumstances.

Monique Knight

Monique Knight,jpg

I like the environment created by AIHNM to be with likeminded people. It helped me immensely to improve my health and helped the others I love and cared for.

Odile Chaperon

Odile Chaperon

I appreciate the huge support I got from AIHM clinic supervisors during my training. AIHM gave me a sense of being part of the community.

Armando Chiera

Armando Chiera

The training given by AIHM helped me to create an awareness and understanding of human behaviours and ability to accept as they are without any judgement.

Dianne Baxendell

Dianne Baxendell

My experience at AIHM has been a life changing!!!!

Sara Louise Bolton

Sara Louise Bolton

The course contributed to make a huge difference in my life. It taught me to look outside the square and apply the fundamentals of natural therapies in my own life and reap the benefits.

Francisca Madariaga

Francisca Madariaga

At AIHM I met lots of people with diverse background, viewpoints that were very interesting. I enjoyed the most of the lectures, interaction and had an enlightening experience.

Roxana Jay Belton

Roxana Jay Belton

It has been the most amazing journey in my life. My training has changed my life dramatically for better.

Kymberley Anne Ritchie

Kymberley Anne Ritchie

The training I had at AIHM made a big difference as to how I understood health which helped me to raise my family and instil good healthy habits.

Jaylena Otto

Jaylena Otto

My training at the AIHM was a catalyst in my life. It laid a very strong foundation in my future career as a Naturopath.

Janet De Villiers

Janet De Villiers

It has been an amazing journey, learning in a holistic environment.

Catherine Jane Haynes

Catherine Jane Haynes

I had the most profound experience at the AIHM clinic where everything I learnt came together to be able to apply on my clients.

Jeanette Brothers

AIHM has given me required knowledge and skills to become a Naturopath and opportunities to grow both personally and professionally.

Patricia Bonato

Patricia Bonato

The lecturers and teachers had a real passion for what they did and that helped me stay focus and learn better.

Ann Lefroy

Ann Lefroy (2)

I was very impressed with the quality of teaching and learning experience I was provided at the AIHM


Egle Bulkeviciute

At times I felt the studies was challenging. But I recommend the AIHM to any prospective student.

Frances Ross Blyth

Frances Ross Blyth

I felt at the AIHM I was not just a number. Lecturers and the staff did what they did not just for money but for the passion they have for what they do. I learnt a lot during my training!

Simon Joseph O’Connor

Simon Joseph O’Connor

I thoroughly enjoyed being at the AIHM and appreciate every opportunity that I have been given and the knowledge and skills that I have been given. I would like to give it back one day!

Taylor Bouknight

Tayler Bouknight

I was not just a number at the AIHM. Clinic supervisors, lecturers treated me as an individual and cared for my educational outcome.

Kathryn Stewart

Kathryn Stewart

At AIHM I felt as a part of the community to be able to relate to each other. The training encouraged me to walk my talk and reap the benefits.

Malia Denny

Malia Denny

The course has changed my life for better. The way I look at the world, and the way I do things has changed for better…

Adriana Ayad

Adriana Ayad

I liked the flexibility of learning that AIHM provides by offering both on campus and online learning.

Angela Cocks

Angela Cocks

I found AIHM to be friendly, supportive and encouraging institute for my learning. The training has given me confidence and knowledge that I needed to practice as a Natural therapy practitioner.

Christina GabriellaRossi

Christina Gabriella Rossi

I felt clinical practice was a fantastic experience at AIHM. I feel the institute has very good positive and genuine focus on fundamental of Natural Therapies. I know AIHM staff members have a genuine passion for what they do.

Sasha Harvey

Sasha Harvey
Course had given me the ability to be the mum that I wanted to be and to create a positive and healthy environment for my family and to take responsibility for my own health.

Kylie Wolfig

Kylie Wolfig
I was transformed during last three years of my training.


Madaleen Espach
The lecturers had a great passion for what they taught and I felt I learnt more than what I learnt in my Pharmacy degree!

Michelle Kerrisk

Francoise Ode Berryman

I remember the connection, approachability and friendliness that I experienced at the AIHM. Before coming to AIHM I was with another provider but got connected with AIHM straight away.

Priya Birdi

Priya Birdi
‘The course made a difference to my everyday life as to what I consciously do. It taught me self-discipline. The principles I learnt, I apply every day in my life.’

Sally Lee


It was a wonderful opportunity to learn Ayurveda from an ayurvedic doctor
and ask many questions.  I have enjoyed integrating Ayurveda into my life
and pathway forward.  I also gained a good scientific understanding of
anatomy and physiological processes to help develop and investigate my own
research interests.  Many thanks.

Shin-Hwei Chen

Shin-Hwei Chen

I like the friendly and helpful staff of the AIHM.

Sylvana Miller

Sylvana Miller

I already have a busy clinic and enjoyed the morning yoga/meditation offered by the AIHM during my training.

Tara Jane Cabassi

Tara Jane Cabassi

I got a job even before I graduated and I am very happy with the decision I made to study at AIHM.I had some brilliant teachers who taught me.

Melissa Maguire

Melissa Maguire

AIHM did everything possible for me to successfully complete my course. The inspiring lecturer I had, particularly in Ayurveda helped me a lot to keep my focus on the subject.

Kristy Louise Byford

Kristy Byford

I enjoyed the tranquil and serene ambience of the AIHM. The staff at the AIHM were very helpful.

Hajnalka Emma Antal

Emma Antal

The course of study I did at the AIHM changed my life. I learned how the body works and what it needs to function optimally

Felyze Loverh

28. Felyze Loverh

I felt that the teachers of the AIHM, taught me more than what was in the national training package.We had a state of art clinic where I gained all my clinical experience. I had a very personal empowering experience at the AIHM and not just academic knowledge and skills

Sandra Viereck

27. Sandra Viereck

The depth of understanding, knowledge and passion is quiet humbling in such an open way.

Susan Cristina Yarligan

26. Susan Yarligan

I love the clinical experience and the interaction I had with the fellow students, staff and clinic supervisors at the AIHM.

Anna Jane Lawton

25. Anna Lawton

Many lecturers live what they teach. They are excellent role models to follow. The course I did was of a very high standard. The standard was close to degree level and it is a shame we got an advanced diploma instead

Kerensa Wood

24. Karensa wood

The reason why I choose the AIHM over other colleges was due to it’s holistic approach. I also appreciate the passion of the teachers and the excellent clinical facility and the training that was provided.

Christopher Phillip Jackson

23. Christopher Jackson

I really appreciate the support I was given by all the staff members of the AIHM during my training. The lecturers and the supervisors were really passionate of what they did and it really made a difference

Danielle White

22. Dani White

I truly appreciate the willingness of the teachers to share their knowledge openly in a very supportive environment.

Tamara House

The passion of the many lecturers at the AIHM made a difference and motivated me to learn.

Juliet D Westcott

20. Juliett Westcott

It is really a warm and a friendly environment. Clinical experience and the patience of the teachers were the most important things to me at the AIHM.

Bronya Hollingdrake

19. Bronya Hollingdrake

I love the AIHM for its beautiful location, personal touch and attention given, being such a small college. I got a job as a massage therapist even before I graduated.

Suzanna Wallace

Suzzanna Wallace

I loved the personal touch of the AIHM staff with the students and the commitment of the teachers to provide me with all the skills and knowledge to develop my confidence.

Cristina Herrero Barrero

I really enjoyed the studies I did at the AIHM.

Caroline S K Tan

Caroline Tan

I got a job as a Naturopath even before I graduated. This course gave me an opportunity to discover myself and my direction in life.

Ayesha Christina Talbot

Ayesh talbot

The quality of the materials covered in the course was of very high standard. The clinical training I gained gave me the opportunity to compound my knowledge and develop confidence.

Carolina Galati

Carolina Galati

I found the course offered at AIHM had a very good clinical and academic balance.

Michelle Sanchez

Michelle Sanchez

AIHM was a family to me. I was able to talk to anyone at any time. I loved the clinical experience that was given to me by the AIHM. I got a job even before I graduated.

Krystal Feather

Krystal feather

I love the tranquil surrounding and the support I got from the AIHM clinic staff.



I love my AIHM. It was a great joy coming to AIHM every day. So many lecturers inspired me that helped me to change my life in a very positive way.

Jenilee Plummer

Jenilee Plummer

I am extremely happy with what I got from my training g at the AIHM. Help was always available when I needed. The lecturers always went above and beyond teaching in the class room.

Kay MacEvilly

Kaye mac Eveilly

I loved the location of the AIHM which is in congruence with the philosophy of natural therapies. It was a very supportive environment. I also loved the flexible mode of delivery.

Jacinta O’Connor

Jacinta O' Connor

I admire the support and knowledge given to me by the AIHM clinic supervisors and their professionalism. Flexibility I had with my learning was fantastic.

Maurice DeBoer

Maurice DeBoer

I am so grateful for the support that was given to me by AIHM administration and the great customer service they offered. The great structure of the courses offered by the AIHM empowered me with all the knowledge and skills and provided further opportunities to explore natural medicine for many more years to come. .

Chris Wood

Chris Wood

I like the great atmosphere, location and friendly and kind staff who offered their support all the time at AIHM. The lecturers were helpful even outside the classroom. The friendly atmosphere at AIHM was the most important thing for me.

Kristina Clarke

Kristina Clarke

AIHM and the courses it offers have given me the ability and confidence to help people to become well. The lecturers and admin staff were so friendly and caring, and were always willing to help.

Brett Ramsay

Brett Ramsay

At AIHM I like the supportive, nurturing environment, which was very conducive for holistic learning. This was one of the major reasons why I chose the AIHM over other colleges. Now I have got a solid foundation from which I can branch off in the other areas in the field of natural medicine. The training I gained from AIHM has given me tools that I can use to take control of my health.

Charlotte Morton

Charlotte Morton

I like the size of the class and we were very intimate. We developed great friendship with the teachers and the students. There was a good support system. The teachers really cared of your learning.

Marcello Nose

Marcello Nose

I came from Brazil and the reason why I chose AIHM is the because of the personal treatment I got, since the first contact I had with AIHM. I have looked for many courses not only in Australia but in Europe, America, and many parts of the world. The treatment I got from AIHM right from the beginning was the best and I chose AIHM as a result. I have made very good friends at the institute and I am truly very thankful for everything that the institute has given me to realise a greater meaning in my life.

Coral Menschelyi

Carol Menschelyi

I love the natural surrounding and relaxed atmosphere of the AIHM. All the lecturers were so approachable and engaging, it was like one on one training in the group situation. Lecturers always encouraged us to do research outside the college to have greater in-depth knowledge about the subject. I felt coming to AIHM as a treat for my challenging lifestyle.

Courtney Bake

Courtney Baker

I felt the learning I got from the AIHM is beyond my expectation.

Janelle Lynton

Janelle Lynton

The support I got from AIHM was so amazing. The subject taught in the courses that I underwent was fantastic. Bridging course gave me good beginning and the confidence to start my course in naturopathy and herbal medicine.

Shauna Miller

Shauna Miller

AIHM does well in making students interesting on what they learn with the passion shown by each lecturer. I found AIHM is very accommodating to students needs and admin was always there to help if the help is needed.

Martina Neun

Martina Neun

I find the lecturer at the institute had a broad and deep knowledge and understanding about the subject they taught. The supervisors were very helpful and supportive. AIHM has a very friendly campus.

Jacky Dixon

Jacky Dixon

Great quality of the lecturers and their enthusiasm combined with friendly, caring environment and individual treatment that I got from AIHM is the most memorable experience I had as a student. I would really like to come back to AIHM and do my higher education.

Neale Taylor


Neale Taylor

Willingness of the lecturers to go out of the way to help the students to understand and improve the skills are one of the best things to me at AIHM. Natural and peaceful environment where the college is located helped me to focus on my studies at AIHM. The passion of the lecturers motivated me to continue my studies.

Cathy Bredemeyer

Cathy Bredemeyer

AIHM had a wonderful community. I really enjoyed being there. Love the friendship I made at AIHM. AIHM has given me the confidence to follow my path.

Rita Riberi

Rita Riberi


One of the best things for me at the AIHM was the relaxing environment and a staff who understand you as a student.

Leisbeth Hellmuth

Leisbeth Hellmuth


I felt that it was wonderful to be able to share my passion with like minded people, the lecturers and fellow students at AIHM. All the staffs at AIHM were very friendly, supportive and helpful in my education.

Pauline Iggleston

Pauline Iggleston


Having ability to apply what I learn in the classroom was the real big thing to me at AIHM.

Robyn Spratling

Robyn Spartling

I always felt very accepted and welcome at AIHM. Thank you for making my journey very enjoyable. Staffs were very friendly. Flexible learning option offered by the AIHM was something very positive for me being a busy person with my job.

Jennifer Kells

Jennifer Kells

I appreciate the exposure I was given on holistic medicine at AIHM . It was eye an opening to holistic approach.

Caroline Menhinick

Caroline Menhinick

Lecturers at the institute are brilliant, very supportive. Learning environment was conducive for the learning and practice of natural therapies. Admin staffs were very helpful.

Ravi Martin

Ravi Martin

The personal interaction I had with the college was the greatest strength I saw at AIHM, which is invaluable.

Annaliese Behrendt

Annaliese Behrendt_1

It is brilliant environment with a feeling of friendly atmosphere. Clinical facility at AIHM was great.

Rebecca Hall

Rebecca Hall

I can see the college is always trying to do the best for the best of the students. Much has changed in the college from the time I started.

Shelley Spinks

Shelley Spinks

I absolutely love the opportunities given by AIHM to practice what we learnt in theory in the clinic. I felt AIHM as a very big family, unlike some large educational institutions.

Madou Eppenga

Madou Eppenga (2)

I found AIHM to be very personal and it helped me a lot as an international student from the beginning. I always felt very supported by everyone at the institute.

Sarah Thomas; (Herbal Medicine Graduate)

One of the best things for me at the AIHM was the relaxing environment and a staff who understand you as a student.

Jackie Varley; (Herbal Medicine graduates)


It has been a Personal journey for me in learning about myself. I really like the location of the college and its positive energy and great lecturers.

Renea Huisman; (Massage therapy graduate)


I like the small class size at the AIHM and the personal touch rather then a number in the system.

Hayley Culverhouse; (Massage therapy Graduate)


I came straight from high school. Support I got from the staff and students at the AIHM was amazing. It was a very supportive and friendly environment for me.

Lisa Edwards; (massage therapy Graduate)


The open mind of the teachers, the supervisors, and other students and providing a sharing environment for learning has been the greatest experience for me at the AIHM during my study time.

Rebecca Tanner; (Acupuncture Graduate.)


My experience at the AIHM clinic was the best and the results I have seen in the clinic was so rewarding.

Imke Konow; (Homeopathy graduate. )


The time at the AIHM has been a real good educational experience for me.

Leigh Anne Hunter; (Naturopathy and Western Herbal Medicine graduate)


Personal touch, inspiration and the ability to approach my teachers when I encountered a problem were the most outstanding things for me at the AIHM during my studies.

Jannette Lawson; (Naturopathy and Western Herbal Medicine graduate)

Most of the lecturers I had during my training at the AIHM were fantastic and so knowledgeable on the subject they taught.. Their willingness to share with the students was so touching. I had great camaraderie of students’ body;

Marcus Dickson; (Naturopathy and Western Herbal Medicine graduate)


The emphasis that was put on the fundamentals of Natural medicine was the most valuable thing to me at the AIHM. I feel that it was a graceful transformation for me personally!.

Helen Yun Odoj; (Remedial massage graduate)


I liked to come to college and learn and I felt that it was the right choice I made. Not only to learn clinical skills but also life skills to improve myself. The AIHM just provided me that;r

Linda Haslam; (Western Herbal Medicine graduate)


I am absolutely happy with the decision made to study at the AIHM. It was challenging though. The course I did is not just learning without putting into practice. So it has been hard but looking back it was very rewarding.

Jill Hibben;( Naturopathy and Western Herbal Medicine graduate)

I love the vibrating energy of the students and the passion of most of the teachers at the AIHM. People here at the institute are abided by the philosophy of Natural Medicine;

Diane Nezovic; (Naturopathy and Herbal Medicine graduate)


I feel a sense of achievement. Standard of the lecturers and the supervisors at the AIHM were great and helpful;

Kylie Smith; (Remedial Massage graduate)

I like the practical side of the course and sense of humour, patience and knowledge of the lecturers of the institute.

Aude Baudin;( Naturopathy and Western Herbal Medicine graduate)


It was an amazing journey for me. I like the natural ambience of the college and the intimate relationship developed and the family environment of the institute.

Kay Worsley; (Naturopathy and Western Herbal Medicine graduate)


I feel whatever this course cost me is really worth it. I am a different person now. I like the atmosphere of the college and the supportive staff and students and the family environment created at the institute.

Kristina Worth; (Homeopathy graduate)


Most of the teachers at the AIHM were passionate about what they were teaching and take the time to answer questions;

Rebecca Duffield;( Naturopathy and Western Herbal Medicine graduate)


I am definitely happy with the decision I made to study Natural Medicine at the AIHM. I enjoy going to the AIHM to discuss and share with like-minded people. I have seen many progressive improvements during my time at the AIHM.

Carla Duffield; (Naturopathy and Western Herbal Medicine graduate)


The improvement that has been made to the college during my time is fantastic. Learning new stuff has been pretty amazing.

Holly Samson; (Naturopathy and Western Herbal Medicine graduate)


The course gave me a lot of direction. I like the small community environment at the AIHM and everyone knows you by your name. The clinic experience was most outstanding.

Kristine Dorado;( Naturopathy and Western Herbal Medicine graduate)


I found the supervisors at the AIHM clinic are easy to get on with and non-threatening. During my training with AIHM I was able to grow as a person through the training I had;

Jasmine Riley; (Naturopathy and Western Herbal Medicine graduate)


The flexibility of the classes and the relationship established by a national university, competitive fee structure and inspiring energizing lecturers and diversity of the electives where the most likeable things for me at the AIHM.

Kylie Sheller; (Remedial massage Graduate)


I found the AIHM business and philosophy of natural medicine are well balanced rather than just being a business minded school

Kylie Robshaw; (Naturopathy and Western Herbal Medicine graduate):


I straight came from high school, diversity of the modalities offered, flexibility of time and clinical experience gained at the AIHM clinic were fantastic. Confidence I gained through the training as a practitioner was outstanding. All the staff is friendly and caring

Yoshimi Hashimoto; (Naturopathy and Western Herbal Medicine graduate)


I am absolutely happy with the decision I made to study Natural therapies at the AIHM. It has been a great journey for me. I am really passionate and enthusiastic now. AIHM was the place for me. Everyone was passionate in what they did. Staffs were lovely and inspiring.

Laura Collins; (Diploma of Homoeopathy graduate)


I love the teaching staff at the AIHM, they were very knowledgeable and professional in what they do.

Sarah Chuwen; (Naturopathy and Western Herbal Medicine graduate)


AIHM is more down to earth, personable natural environment. Everyone is lovely, teachers were very helpful. I love my AIHM.

Melissa Hohaia


Clinical experience and training I got at the AIHM is much superior to my previous training provider

Chloe Riches


I love the tranquil and beautiful campus location and the practical training given to me by the institute.

Kim Mudge


AIHM is a professionally run organization which strives for higher goals for both students and itself, but still has the charm of a warm family unit.

Joy Lomas


I am grateful to the AIHM for the enormous confidence and joy given to me through the training I had and opportunity to meet so many lovely people.



During my studies at the AIHM, I was allowed to express my feelings and opinions, that was so valuable to me.

Elizebeth Hannen


I really enjoyed the way AIHM clinic ran and the clinical experience I gained.

Kate Morris


During my studies at the institute it certainly made me realise how beautiful the people at the Institute are.

Rachelle Thompson


Best thing I have ever done for myself is to study natural Medicine at the AIHM.  I got more than I expected.

Shenaz Balm


It has been an amazing journey. I am absolutely happy with the decision made to study Natural Medicine. The experience I gained at the AIHM clinic worth every cent and more I spent on tuition. The staff at the institute were so wonderful.

Gemma Sullivan


I love the passion of the lecturers for the subjects they teach at the AIHM. They walk their talk.

Jill Cubit

I got phenomenal support from the staff of the AIHM during my studies and grateful to the institute for showing me many things that I never knew existed and would really enjoying doing.

Miriam Vock


AIHM has a great family and welcoming atmosphere. Help was always there when needed.

Cheryl Loaring


The AIHM experience to me was very much like a family. Much different to my previous training provider. It makes you looks inward and gives you enough food for thought.

Catherine Hodgkinson


I found the teachers at the AIHM had very high knowledge in the subjects they taught. Flexibility, friendly staff and teachers and the beautiful location made the AIHM a memorable experience to me.

Kristina Clarke


I feel like the AIHM is my lighthouse. The knowledge I gained through my training has certainly helped me to have a happy and healthy family. It is a place full of lovely people and I made my best friends through the training

Amanda Goncalves


I liked the personal touch of the institute. I feel the staff are caring and everyone knows you as a person. In my previous training I never got that experience. All the lecturers are passionate about what they teach.

Ayaki Kuzume


I love the ambience of the Institute

Joanne bond


All the lectures and supervisors are very passionate about what they teach and they are so inspiring. Everyone is so supportive and approachable.

Marnie Downer


AIHM encourages walking the talk and providing opportunities to practice the principles of Natural Medicine.

Kate McBride


I had a fantastic three year experience at the institute and I am sad to leave

Rua Wetters


I love the dedication of the AIHM to the fundamentals of Natural therapies. Support I got from the staff is second to none. If I did not have that support I can’t imagine how I could have finished my course. I feel AIHM is like my extended family.

Vanessa Glenn


AIHM opened up my world for learning. I am lot more confident in myself and what I am doing.

Ann Firth


life changing, learning experience. For me I needed something that I haven’t done before. I feel I learnt more than what I came for. I achieved everything that I expected from AIHM

Angelika Farbey


Extremely supportive. All the issues raised during my time resolved with proper follow up. Look forward to coming back for more studies again

Nicky Bridge


AIHM is a large family. The staff are awesome.””I thought of AIHM as a large family. Its setting is beautiful.  The college incorporated everything that we learn.  The staffs are awesome.

Past Students testimonial

Julia Dean


Definitely recommended””I found the staff at the AIHM were very friendly and approachable, they are very open and easy to deal with.  It was very different experience for me, particularly coming form a University background.  I definitely recommend the Institute to any prospective students

Katie Hickey


An amazing journey. I feel a different person”!”It has been an amazing journey for me, I feel a different person.  However I didn’t realise how difficult it would be but it was a great course.  I am now a much happier and confident person.  I made amazing friends at the Institute; I am healthier and centred today.  I can confidently say I have achieved my goals, more than what I expected.  My learning experience at the Institute has been wonderful and transformative with sound knowledge.

Catherine Mary Angel



Friendly and helpful staff””I basically enrolled in the course at the AIHM with the intention of helping others but I realise that I would help myself and then through that I can help others.  AIHM has given me a great learning experience.  It is not an environment where you are hand fed with everything; you have to do a lot of work yourself.  I found the staff at the Institute very friendly and helpful.  Now I have a great awareness about the body and mind and appreciate the humbleness of humanity.  Over a period of time I have developed compassion and empathy towards mankind

Katherine Snjezana Tribbick


Great fulfilling journey””The AIHM has provided me with a very relaxing grounds and a friendly, warm environment for my studies.  The lecturers were very accommodating it has been a great and fulfilling journey for me.  I am grateful for the opportunity given to me by the Institute.I feel certainly confident with my knowledge and have learnt more about myself, my people skills and have opened my eyes to so many different facets in life.

Cem Erdogan Oz


“AIMH One Big Happy Family”My daily life revolves around with the nature. The courses offered by the Institute helped me to make this difference.  I feel AIHM as one big happy family.  It has been always the case and the environment was very relaxed and conducive for the learning of natural therapies

Curtis Alexander Simon-Menasse


My life has changed””I had two choices to choose from before I joined the AIHM, one was martial arts and the other was healing and I chose the healing.  The course offered by the AIHM greatly changed my life.  I am grateful to you for giving this opportunity; it has taught me not only subject matter but a different perspective to life.  It was a very big journey. It was very challenging but I feel I have definitely changed on every level

Deni-Sue Huxtable


Beautiful and tranquil bush setting.””The study I did at the AIHM has definitely changed my life. I know that I am surrounded by like-minded people who are health conscious.  This is the best thing I have ever done, other than having my little girl.  Personal touch, openness, bonds, growing together, support, beautiful and tranquil bush setting, the clinic and the supervisors are the best I have seen.  I had a call before I commenced the course to live a more wholesome life and then help others to live that life and I am happy to say I feel I have achieved that and I know there is much more to achieve.

Janine Rova


A peaceful and passionate place””My purpose for doing a Natural Medicine course at the AIHM was not for a new career but to improve my health and help my family.  I am glad to say that I have achieved my goal.  I am now sharing my knowledge that I have gained form the Institute.  I see AIHM is a peaceful and passionate place to learn.  Even though it was a challenge for me, learning at the AIHM became easy because of the friendliness of the staff and the beautiful environment it creates.

Edwina Maslen


The Courses at AIHM has given me direction in my life.””I am happy with my decision to learn natural therapies at the AIHM.  I must say it is not the outcome I expected.  At the AIHM not only did have the learning outcomes but it has been a huge journey of growth for me personally.  The courses at the AIHM have given me satisfaction, direction in my life and the knowledge and confidence.  I came to the AIHM after studying at another Natural Therapy college and I felt that, despite the continuous growth that has taken place at the Institute, the intimate relationship it offers for the students’ remains as a big family.

Ferial Majrouh


Supportive, kind and inspiring staff””After completing two years of Uni studies, I decided to have a break from studying to become a mother.  17 years later I made a promise with myself to resume my studies and achieve my goals.  In 2003 I enrolled at AIHM and commenced my Advanced Diploma of Naturopathy.  A year later I discovered my passion for acupuncture, and decided to also complete the acupuncture course. Although the journey seemed challenging and long, the benefits were highly rewarding. Without the support of the staff at the college, I wouldn’t have achieved my goals. They were kind, supportive and inspiring

Kerry Deakin


A pleasurable study experience!””I love the ambience of the Institute.  I like that the staff are approachable and amenable to my needs.  I really like the fellowship of other who share similar philosophies that made my study experience a pleasurable one

Andrea Godson


A rewarding experience!””It has been a really challenging and hard working experience, but it is a very rewarding experience and I very glad that I did it.

Nola Criddle


AIHM courses are academic with out being stuffy””I did the homoeopathy course at the Institute for personal growth and self empowerment so that I can help others. I am extremely happy with the accomplishment of my goal.  The experience at the institute was wonderful with great teachers who are very helpful.  Because I was so happy with the Institute I encouraged my daughter to enrol in a course too.  I like the atmosphere; it is academic without being stuffy.  The opportunities were given to provide feedback all the time.

Dagmar Taylor


AIHM a great friendly, happy and inviting environment””The studies I did at AIHM have given me lots of confidence, knowledge and skills to follow my dream in helping people and myself and my family to live a happy and healthy life. Lecturers, staff and fellow students were very supportive and passionate of what they do. It is a great happy, friendly stimulating environment. It is definitely a self realisation experience.

Shelly Karlsen


“Friendly and supportive environment

“The course I have done at the AIHM has given me enough knowledge and practical experience to practice in my chosen career as a natural therapist.  I have made very good friends during my training and it was a great personal growth.  I remember the college as a friendly and supportive environment.

Kelli Summerfield


Thank you, AIHM – you have opened doors for me I never knew existed!

What a journey it has been! To me the course has been a solid foundation to further study, and although I do not yet plan to set up my own clinic and work as a naturopath, I would not have missed these four years for anything! I have learned so much, from the brilliant and passionate lecturers, my fellow students and the public, plus from my own family and friends who’s attitude towards me has been subtly changing to afford me greater respect as someone in the natural health field.

Trudy Lyons

Embarking on a new career in Natural Medicine for me at 45 yrs of age proved to be the most rewarding challenge of my life to date—I have not only been part of a growing college community at the Institute but also had the satisfaction of completing the Diploma of Natural Medicine in 3 years which has enabled me to start a new career based on sound fact and knowledge as well as doing something I thoroughly love and believe in—what a wonderful way to commence the next chapter of my life!

Suellen Pens

Well, the last three years have been a very exciting time for me personally and also for the Institute. I feel very privilege to have been a part of our College during last three years to watch it grow in student numbers as well as in facilities. The only thing that has been constant is the excellent education and lecturers.

Daniel Talbot, Deg Soc Sc, Ad. Dip. Bus. Man.

The learning environment at AIHM, the student clinic and associations with other colleges and universities, have contributed significantly towards my education in natural therapies. I look forward to my continuing studies at AIHM and feel secure in the knowledge that I am receiving quality of education in this rapidly growing profession.

Andrew Cathles, Thornlie Naturopathic Centre

My decision to study at Australian Institute of Holistic Medicine was only made after careful consideration of every option available within Australia. Correspondence courses were quickly discounted, as regular classroom interaction is essential in this field of study. The Institute’s weekend course enabled me to undertake my studies on a full time load basis, whilst maintaining a part time job. I am pleased with the education provided, and the lecturers were always very helpful and supportive. Studying the Diploma of Natural Medicine, Diploma of Herbal Medicine and Graduate Diploma of Clinical Acupuncture, has given me a sound base from which to practice Natural Medicine. Since graduating in 1999, I have also completed a Bachelor of Health Science (Complementary Medicine). This would not have been possible without the great foundation that the Institute gave me over my 3½ years of study.

Stephanie Back

I chose this Institute as I had heard of its holistic approach to it’s staff, students and curriculum and I have certainly found this to be the case. I believe that Natural Therapies encompass a healthy way if life and the AIHM reinforces this belief.

Dianne Dawkins

Studying at the Institute was more than an education. In my time at the college I have been exposed to much more than I first knew was available in health care. The elective units of study, the on-site clinic and the attitude of lecturers and staff has made studying at the Institute a pleasure that has put me on solid ground for my future career.

Tracey Traynor

The education that I have received from Australian Institute of Holistic Medicine has provided me with an excellent grounding and knowledge of natural medicine. In addition, I have obtained the confidence and appropriate ability to practice what I have learnt. The structure of the education and the learning environment combined with supportive lecturers, college staff and fellow students has ensured my experience at the Institute to be highly enjoyable and rewarding”

Daniel Talbot, Deg Soc Sc, Ad. Dip. Bus. Man.

When I commenced my Diploma of Natural Medicine I had certain goals and ambitions. Since that time my personal circumstances have changed and I now study natural medicine for the enjoyment, rather than an alternative means of vocation. Recently I have commenced using what I have learned at AIHM to treat my colleagues, in the Western Australia Police Service, for stress related conditions and indeed any other ailments they present with. My Certificate in Clinical Acupuncture has provided me with the qualification and confidence to assist my work colleagues during times of stress. Having gained my Diploma of Homoeopathy, I am pleased by the completion of another “milestone” towards my Bachelor of Naturopathy.  It is these milestones that add up to a well grounded, useful and most importantly, enjoyable, educational experience.

Barnaby Grubelich

My time at Australian Institute of Holistic Medicine (AIHM) has been life changing. Not only did I learn the skills to springboard myself into a career of natural medicine, I befriended some of the most inspiring individuals one could hope to meet. The teachers were very approachable and had vast amounts of knowledge to impart on the enthusiastic mind. My fellow students came from all corners of society, all working positively towards learning the holistic principles needed to enrich one’s life. The administration staff was excellent, always bending over backwards to provide the services required to become a successful naturopath. Enrolling at AIHM has been one of the best decisions I have made. I remember one lecturer say, “Knowledge is power,” and I feel empowered by coming to the college. I look forward to continuing my association with AIHM and thoroughly recommend the college for anyone who is interested in field of natural medicine.

Maria Page

“Through my studies I have learnt many, many things that have helped me to better my life and health. It is through the understanding of how we function as humans and what factors influence this functioning, that we can begin to understand how illness manifests. The lecturers and the staff at AIHM are very supportive and will always try to assist where they can.  Most of the lecturers are not only lecturers but professionals and experienced in their field. They have had their own life experiences and this enables them to be understanding and non-judgmental when dealing with student needs. My time at AIHM has certainly changed my life and the knowledge I have gained will help me to help others who are interested in a healthier, happier life.”

Beatrice Descamps

I have just graduated as a Naturopath and I am excited at the prospect of practicing and putting into use the information I have accumulated over the last 3 years. When I started to study I knew so little about health and Natural Therapies. I know there is still so much more to learn, but at least I feel confident with starting my new career. I am really happy I chose Australian Institute of Holistic Medicine to study. Throughout my studies I felt welcome, supported, encouraged and inspired by the lecturers, the clinic supervisors and the administration staff. I have also made lasting friendships that are very special to me. Lastly, with it’s native trees and large lawn, the campus is a beautiful place to study. I deeply recommend it.

Sharon De Pledge

I think my decision to study Natural Medicine was one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life. It has benefited my family, my friends, all the people around me and me. I completed my Diploma in Herbal Medicine and have established my practice and already I am receiving referrals from medical specialists so that we can work together in the best interest for the best results for our clients.

Peter Harrod

I graduated with a Diploma in Natural Medicine and a Graduate Diploma in Clinical Acupuncture. I found my time at the Institute not only a time of professional development and learning but also of personal development and learning and a forging of great friendships and the forging of a whole new way of life for me.

Frank Morellini – AIHM Graduate 2000

Prior to coming to AIHM I studied at University and I found the quality of lecturers and the course content is on a par with Uni. One of the main differences being the interaction between lecturers and students – due to the relatively small class numbers at AIHM. There is more of a personal feel, almost like a one-on-one tuition. I am grateful to the AIHM for creating a higher awareness and improving the credibility of Naturopathy within the wider community and making Natural Medicine a more accepted form of treatment

Kevin Fergusson

I first decided to study Natural Medicine after emergency brain surgery to correct a burst aneurism in my brain. I enrolled in the Bridging Course at the Institute and haven’t looked back since. On starting studying here (at the Institute) I was actively encouraged to attend the student clinic and with the help of students and practitioners I have lost 23 kilos and although I have been a chronic asthmatic all my life, I haven’t had any symptoms for quite some time. Best of all, I haven’t had a headache for 6 months.

Tony Morrell – Natural Therapy Clinic – Victoria Park, WA

I don’t think there would be a day that you don’t access the thinking that you learn during your training at the Institute of Holistic Medicine. So I would certainly commend Australian Institute of Holistic Medicine to anyone who is interested in a career in Natural Medicine.

Diana Oliver – Fremantle Natural Therapy Clinic

I decided to pursue a career in Natural Medicine and did this at Australian Institute of Holistic Medicine. After finishing the courses in Natural Medicine and Acupuncture I opened up a practice in Fremantle which has gone very well.

Madelaine Bishop – AIHM Graduate 1995 currently an AIHM Clinic Supervisor and Lecturer

I am proud to be a Graduate of the AIHM. My training has enabled me to successfully take up a career in Naturopathy. My time as a student at the Institute was both challenging and rewarding, in an environment conducive to excellent achievement. Along the way I have made some good friends who are also professional colleagues. AIHM is a great place to study, offering a wide range of career opportunities to students

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