Vedic Astrology

UNIT 1030

During this course students will be able to learn the basics of Vedic Astrology and the link between Ayurveda, the classical medical tradition of India (the natural healing system) and Vedic Astrology. During the course students will get an opportunity to study their own horoscopes and also the horoscopes of famous and prominent people will be discussed. Once they have completed the course, students will be able to interpret a Vedic horoscope in a simple way. The aim of this course is not only to teach the basics of Vedic Astrology but also to arm students with a reasonable knowledge of Vedic Astrology that they will be able to use that knowledge to add to the richness of their lives and to the lives of others. This knowledge will also assist up to a certain extent, in the analysis of health, disease and the condition of a patient.This course will enable students to:

  • To analyse a Vedic Horoscope and to give and interpretation
  • To know and understand the stronger and the weaker aspects of their own character that can be used to make life as pleasant as possible.
  • To be aware of the favourable and unfavourable time periods of their lives.
  • To choose the most suitable colours, weekdays and numbers.
  • To select the best gemstones to enhance the strength of weaker planets.
  • To be more conscious of food and lifestyle which will help to enhance their health.
VENUE Australian Institute of Holistic Medicine
Administration Building (second down the driveway)
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Cockburn Central, WA, 6164
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COST $600.00
Course Duration 30 Hrs
Mode of Delivery On Campus

The AIHM reserves the right to postpone this elective if there are insufficient participants enrolled.

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