Mineral Therapy


This unit of study is a requirement for the Advanced Diploma of Nutritional Medicine offered by the AIHM, but is also open to anyone who is interested in learning more about nutrition and how to use it in a healthy and effective way to enhance daily life.

Mineral therapy was originally based on the Tissue Salts, which were originally identified by Dr. Wilhelm Schuessler of Germany in 1873. The Tissue Salts are also known as Biochemical Cell Salts or Mineral Salts, indicating their importance in the functioning of the human system. These salts are important for the functioning of the cells of our body and through getting these in balance we enhance our health and well-being.

The Tissue Salts are easy to learn and apply and make a great start to home prescribing for family health care. They are safe and economical to use as well as effective. They can be used to treat both short term and long term conditions.

Extra Features of the course-

  • Learn how to identify some basic iridology signs.
  • Learn to interpret some natural body indicators such as tongue and nail signs and which tissue salts are appropriate for which indicators
  • Mucus produced by the body
  • Face signs and other body symptoms
  • Learn how to interpret the body signs so that you can make the most appropriate decision regarding the use of these minerals.
  • The course covers both the Tissue salts and Celloids and their uses and indications.
  • Learn how to administer Mineral Therapy

Some of the questions that will be answered in this course are –

  • How are Tissue Salts and Celloids made?
  • What forms can the mineral therapy be administered in?
  • Mineral therapy is often in a lactose base, what can be done for those who have poor tolerance of dairy or lactose?
  • How do I use these with children?
  • How do I use these with pets/animals?
  • What sorts of side effects occur?
  • Are they safe during pregnancy?
  • How long do people have to take them?
  • How many can I use at one time?
  • When and how often do the tissue salts/Celloids have to be taken?
  • Selecting the appropriate Mineral (s)
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