Intuition in Healing

UNIT 228
In this unit, you will discover the powerful role intuition can play in healing the ‘whole person.’ You will develop your intuitive ability, or your feeling knowing (rather than your thinking-knowing) and understand why the culture ignores the power of intuition.

You will consider the work of the world’s most respected ‘medical intuitives,’ including Caroline Myss, Mona Lisa Schulz, Barbara Brennan and others.

You will call upon your intuition to explore the emotional, mental, behavioural and spiritual patterns that relate to your health challenges and also learn the process of using your intuition to help others heal by working with others in the class and by working with photographs of family and friends.

The unit focuses on your becoming highly skilled in calling upon intuition to encourage deep healing in your own life. To the degree you have encouraged this process in yourself, you will be able to inspire others to deep healing in their own lives.

It will also cover information relating to:

  • Bach Flower essences
  • Healing, Health, Sickness and its meaning and messages our body gives us
  • Colour, chakras, crystals and healing
  • Energy – auras, hands on healing, negative energy and protection and guides (angels / animals)
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COST $600.00

A certificate of attendance will be awarded upon successful course completion. This elective may be credited towards any of the AIHM’s courses.

*The AIHM reserves the right to postpone this elective if there insufficient participants enrolled

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