Flower Essences Elective – 117

This elective begins with a panoramic view of ancient, indigenous and modern perspectives on health and healing issues. The first view is achieved through exploration of the Bibulmun aboriginal people’s flower essence tradition and core philosophies. The student starts a journey of development to be able to read nature as indigenous healers have for thousands of years. This gives them the tools to return to the lost art of being in touch with nature, challenging the parameters of their modern life with the indigenous approach.

The special place flowers hold in mind-body medicine comes to light through this reconnection to nature, as is also reflected through many cultural traditions using flower essence therapy to heal body, mind and soul.

The second part of this module enables the student to have an in depth understanding of eighty eight flowers whose properties help to identify and heal the causes of common challenges that people face in their personal lives. This gives the initial insight into treating an array of basic problems, such as, traumas, stresses, pains, crisis and stagnation in people’s lives. Colours are part of the expression of flowers’ healing potential and as such the study of this aspect gives great insight into the impact of colour on the human psyche.

The third part of the module is practical knowledge of treating basic pain, stress and energy lows needing acute therapy. Factors such as a person’s attitudes and patterns of behaviour that produce the negative stress responses are followed through to the physical problem. Flower Essence Therapy is combined with the Chinese acu-point theory with essences applied primarily to auricular acupuncture points to treat acute physical and mental health conditions.

The forth part of this module explores an expanded understanding of the workings of the mind within a holistic framework, through the uncovering of the subconscious mind structure of survival and wisdom concepts. The student develops diagnostic techniques which empower a person with self knowledge through the facilitation of the Flower Affinity Self Diagnosis.

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Venue: AIHM, Administration Building, 862 North Lake Road, Cockburn Central, WA
Cost: Domestic Unit Fee: $600.00
Course Duration: 30 Hrs
Mode of Study: TBA

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