Environmental and Health


Places are limited to 20 students therefore applications will be accepted on a ‘first-come, first served’ basis.

This unit is designed to cover a wide range of information concerning the nature and effects of specific chemical, physical and nutritional toxins. Students will learn about the myriad of toxic substances they are surrounded by from heavy metal in dental amalgam and fish to formaldehyde in clothing and indoor air. You will also learn what these toxic substances can do to you, as well as ways of reducing your exposure. It will become very obvious that every pollutant, condition or physical hazard has some kind of controversy – in fact scientists and decision makers constantly disagree over the evidence that is currently available or at least on the appropriate limits or standards. Thus, wherever possible in this unit, the issues are presented to show the scientific information, the controversies surrounding the interpretation of data, and the social pressures that are inevitably drawn  into the debate.

This unit confronts some of the most important health issues of the 21st century, as well as relating directly to the personal questions facing everyone, including students, as they make decisions on diet, lifestyle, workplace, conditions at their homes and safety.

DATES: Wednesday 28th January – Wednesday 1st April 2015 (10 weeks)
TIMES: 2:00 – 5:00 pm
COST: $600
VENUE: AIHM, Massage Room – 1st block of buildings as you enter 862 North Lake Road, Cockburn Central  WA  6164
PHONE: 9417-3553
Fax: 9417-1881
LECTURER: Catherine Angel

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