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Dear Students;

We had another successful Open day last Saturday and we would like to thank all the students and supervisors for participating. We congratulate the winners of the best Graduating Clinician Awards; Natalie woodman (Naturopathy) and Paula Miseikyte (Ayurveda).

Thank you to our award sponsors – Rener Health and Metagenics, AIHM staff and all those who supported the event to make it a success!!

Graduating Clinician Award

Graduating Clinician Award

AIHM have introduced a new award in 2014 to recognise and appreciate student dedication and commitment amongst our graduating clinicians.

With the support of the industry, one student will be awarded with the Graduating Clinician Award as nominated by our clinic supervisors. This award will be presented at the end of Open Day, as such guests, staff and students are invited to stick around and attend the presentation of the award!


Are you interested in studying Aged Care??

Do you want to work in an industry where every day or shift is different? Where you get to work with people and can make a real difference in their lives? …then working in Aged Care maybe for you!  And Aged Care is a job with a future…With the evolution of modern medicine, and better health care, we are living & ageing longer, so there will always be plenty of employment for good care support workers & qualified Nursing personal.


If I had to pick the most important thing that we do, I would say it was listening. Some times the best medicine is just to take the time to sit beside someone and really listen, maybe even hold their hand and let them know they’re not alone.


Most people also don’t realise that those of us who are nurses or work as Care Support Workers are so much more…Most of us are wives, mothers, sisters, teachers, waitresses, chauffeurs, laundry personnel, house-keepers, etc. There isn’t much we don’t do.


If you are still reading this then maybe you should think about training in Aged or Community Care.


You can start by gaining you Certificate III in Aged Care, later if you feel you still want to learn more this opens up a whole world of possibilities for you.


You can go on to do further certificates like Cert IV in Allied Health, working as an OTA (Occupational Therapy Assistant) or PTA (Physiotherapy Therapy Assistant), or maybe you want to go on & study your Nursing at TAFE, becoming an Enrolled Nurse or attend University to become a Registered Nurse. You may decide to study Naturopathy or other holistic medicine courses. Life is what you make of it.


And yes, there are days I am exhausted from taking care of everyone else all the time, feeling that I never have anytime for myself. Then I look at my family, friends, and the people I work with, including my residents, then I remember why I get up every morning to do it all again. As a Care Worker It is a great privilege to walk with a person on their journey we call life.


Ann Barber

Enrolled Nurse, Trainer /Assessor

June 2014

Aged care workers needed urgently

With each passing year, Baby Boomers approach towards their retirement age and need someone to look after them and help them deal with their health issues. Baby boomers are the people born between 1946 and 1961. They have been blessed with a longer life than any other generation owing to the progress in medical science. But, there will be always the need of devoted people to take care of baby boomers when their children are not in the vicinity. And, this heartfelt and sincere job is done by Aged Care Workers.


Role of Aged Care Workers


The demand for aged care workers has grown so intense that the Government funded Aged care courses have been introduced to make enrolled people learn how to support elderly and frail people in improving the quality of life. Aged Care Workers learn a compassionate approach to offering care and interest to enliven the lives of baby boomers. Though aged care workers are required to possess a lot of expertise, it is their sympathetic side that can make them progress in this field. For those who are seasoned professional, a career in this field brings with it many possibilities of a flourishing career.


Job Description


Aged care workers provide personal care and attention with a view to supporting older people physically and emotionally. They help them perform daily tasks like dressing, eating and showering with ease. Be it a social activity, outing or any recreational activity, aged care workers go with them wherever they go in order to be present as and when they need them.

Whether elderly are in their home or in a residential care, aged care workers take care of them like their own child.  With a defined care plans and organisational guidelines, they perform their duties under regular supervision. With Aged care courses in Perth, all those willing people who want to make money and do some good for the elderly at the same time, can definitely grow in their career.


Skills Required

  •  Aged care workers must bestow elderly with friendly and compassionate support to baby boomers in the hope of helping them with personal care, hygiene and daily living. The common duties include dressing, eating and showering.
  •  These workers are required to arrange and oversee activities to give a boost to social, emotional and social wellbeing.
  •   They will be required to cook meal, wash and iron clothes and assist with cleaning.
  • Give emotional support as well as companionship.
  •  Help them in self-medication like applying creams and taking tablets.

Personal Qualities

  •  Aged care workers are expected to be supportive, responsible and caring
  • Other than the caring attitude, they must accustom to the pain and feeling of others.
  •  Soft-spoken and good-natured in order to relate well to sick and frail

What else

By pursuing aged care courses in wa, the workers can learn how to perform supervised medical tasks like administering medications and changing dressings. They are also required to work on the weekends, in rostered shifts and evening. It is the responsibility of aged workers to keep a close watch on their physical as well as mental changes like increased discomfort, signs of anxiety or depression, sight loss, etc.


Elderly people hampered by their physical limitations are often brushed aside in the modern pace of life. This is because gradually with passage of time their shoulders have loosened the strength that once built the life of their children. These people require special care because most of them feel helpless and ignored. The Aged care courses in Perth are one of the medium through which you can make a difference in their lives.


Old age people have the right to basic age care facilities. After associating yourself with these courses you can become the provider of these quality care services. It will not only provide you the basic theoretical knowledge and skill but also reward you with millions of opportunities to take a job as a Personal Care Worker (PCW) or an Assistant in Nursing (AIN). These wide varieties of roles can give a desired shape to your career as well.


The natural and hygienic environment is must for providing comfort and contented feeling to the depressed and lonely elderly people. At Perth, the students get an opportunity to demonstrate their underpinning theoretical knowledge practically by assisting the elderly people in Aged Care Nursing homes. They deal with the daily requirements of elderly such as assisting in meals, handling their well-being along with maintaining health and hygiene. The neat and clean environment is the first footstep of hygiene and the practical exposure gives students a chance to discover a generous side of them.


These aged care courses in Perth are not meant only for the beginners but it also provides a way for the experienced ones. The beginners are taught from the very first step of how to deal with the crucial issues and the experienced ones are helped in formalizing their gained knowledge. The course people are expected to get a stable career in professional industry. It can reward you with occupation titles such as Care Assistant, Nursing Assistant, Community Care worker, Personal Care worker along with PCW and AIN. This platform allows you to express their feelings and opinions and also gives a chance to value yourself as this initiative is taken for community senior citizens.


The flexibility, career options and the confidence built up provided by these courses is worth admiring. The legal checks on various institutions ensure their formation genuinely. A National Policy Check is a necessity for all the persons working in aged care industry.


The team of well trained and dedicated professionals is needed to assist the elderly who have nobody to care for them. The courses provide a chance to work within community or residential care systems. Primarily the student gets a chance to work under direct supervision in residential programs. Once he is equipped with the methodologies the opportunity to work in Community centers is provided.


The aged care centers are a refuge for forsaken elderly and disadvantaged or less privileged people. These require a continuous monitoring to keep their health intact. The courses provide you plenty of measures through which you can save the aged from feeling helpless and can give them a confidence of knowing that they matter and can make a difference.


Aging brings about a lot of changes on the personal as well as physical level in an individual and requires special skills to cater to the elderly needs. And in order to train students in the field of aged care, various aged care courses are available in Australia that help in gaining adequate knowledge and necessary skills to provide physical, mental, emotional or behavioral support to the aged people. There are two types of recognized Government funded Aged care courses available in Perth namely, certificate III and IV that have been gaining popularity recently due to the increase in the demand for aged care workers which is expected to grow further in the coming decade.


Certificate III


This certificate course is meant for students interested to work as a personal assistant for the elderly people in the nursing homes, residential or other aged care facility. It trains the students to assist the elderly in all their day-to-day activities, handling dementia, personal care and promoting independence in the aged. It aims at developing multi-skilled aged care workers to provide all kinds of services to the elderly in residential, organizational or community settings.


The course involves both theory as well as compulsory practical training. Theoretical training is done by means of face-to-face delivery in the classroom twice a week whereas for practical exposure, the students are required to work in an aged care facility or community for about 4 weeks.


Eligibility criteria: The applicant must be 18 years of age or above and completed year 10 or equivalent with above average level of English. International students must have a minimum Academic IELTS score of 5.5 bands or pass the Institute’s Language Literacy Test. To apply for Government funding in Perth or Western Australia, the applicant must be a local resident and must possess a valid Australian citizenship/PR/temporary protection visa holder etc. A National Police Clearance is also mandatory for all the students for work experience placement.


For those who already have part-time or full-time aged care jobs in Western Australia, they can apply for traineeship and earn while obtaining a qualification. In this case, the government pays the majority of your course fee and you will be allowed to complete your training and assessment while on your job.


Certificate IV


This advanced course is meant to prepare students to provide services to the aged with complex needs and to lead or supervise a team of other aged care workers. Thus, it helps create team leaders and managers of an aged care facility. This qualification entitles you to the job positions of Care supervisor, Care team leader, Hostel supervisor, Assistant hostel supervisor, Residential care worker, Day activity worker, Accommodation support worker, Program coordinator for social programs etc.


In addition to the general eligibility criteria for Certificate III, the applicant must have achieved competency in certain core units of Certificate III.



Qualify in aged care with these aged care courses in Perth to make a difference in the lives of the elderlywhile working in your preferred local area.

Shortage of Aged care workers in Western Australia

There is not an iota of doubt that age is inevitable and a person who is in his/her younger years today is bound to grow old in future. With the advancement of medicinal and surgical technology, the life expectancy of people has increased considerably around the world and on one hand if this advancement has proved beneficial for saving our elderly; on the other hand it has contributed to the rise in elderly population. Old or elderly people as we know are unable to take care of themselves independently and need proper and timely care for staying healthy. This is why the need for aged care workers arise but unfortunately Western Australia is seeing a shortage of such workers now-a-days, which is definitely a matter of great concern.


With the growing elderly population in Western Australia, there is a dire need of professional aged care workers that don’t just possess the requisite skills for taking care of old people but also have dedication to serve the oldies. Aged care workers actually comprise the integral part of health industry because they take care of the needs and well-being of the most important but ignored lot of population i.e. the seniors. Seniors basically comprise that lot of population that are retired from their jobs and have their children settled and are now looking to spend the last few years of their lives peacefully without any mental or physical strain. But with the onset of old age, a person tends to experience considerable downfall in both physical and mental well-being and a person gets surrounded by a number of ailments. Thus, every senior requires good health care and this is what a professional aged care worker does for the seniors.


The best way of minimizing the shortage of aged care workers in Western Australia is by generating more of such workers and this is what AIHM- Australian Institute of Holistic Medicine is doing so far. AIHM is an institution dedicated in providing quality health care professionals and has a number of government funded aged care courses apart from offering several other courses in Ayurveda, nutrition and herbal medicine etc. This institution provides different types of aged care courses in WA itself which implies that by taking up such courses any medical enthusiast can easily transform into an aged care worker within a matter of few weeks.


There are a number of benefits attached with taking up aged care course in WA by AIHM. Firstly, aged care industry has been kept in state priority occupation list in 2013 which implies that the WA government is seeking such professionals who are qualified to take up this profession i.e. there are ample of job opportunities. Secondly, the salaries are extremely attractive and much of course fee is funded by government while you undertake the course from AIHM which means dual economic benefits. Last but not the least, aged care course makes one capable of serving the seniors which is nothing less than doing any social work or good deed for the entire society.

Career Scope in Aged Care Industry

The Australian aged care courses are in huge demand nowadays. The concept of nursing homes, adult day care, home care and long term care are all linked to aged care that involves the taking care of special needs and requirements that of older citizens. The nation prepares for the aged generation to grow post their retirement, also, they not only provide assistance to the senior citizens with their routine activities and health care but even prepare them to mature with pride and dignity. These care centers employ experienced young qualified individuals to practice traditional care methods with the seniors.

Australia is one of the leading countries to be engaged in aged care and is all set to grow massively in the expected years.  A vocational qualification like the Certificate III and Certificate IV in Aged Care or in Home Care is highly preferred, creating employment opportunities for students to pursue careers in the field of aged-care. Aged or home and community care courses inWestern Australia(WA) is the fastest growing sector.


Certificate III in Aged Care


This course will educate you to provide quality personal care with the right manner and within the community as well as the residential care systems. You will strive to meet in ample variety of assistant roles; it’s the perfect course that allows you to expandyour skills to help you find aged care employment or sanctify your current experience.

The best elderly care certification courses are well-known all over the globe.So,if you are looking for a stable, professional and attractive career in hospitality industry, choose certificate III in Aged Care course in Perth, WA.  Educating this program possibly will provide you with an opening to work as asubordinate in Personal Care Worker (PCW) or Nursing (AIN) in aged care community services that endow with personal care and home support.


Career Options with Aged care courses


There are an everlasting career pathway and work opportunities for educated and professionally skilled aged care takers.

  • Assistant in nursing (AIN)- An assistant in nursing (AIN) is the most common of all. AINs support nurses to help clients by monitoring their conditioncompletely.
  • Disability service worker -one more career prospect is to transpireinto a disability service worker.  This career option will help youtake care of those with physical or psyche disabilities and they may possiblyreside within personal, community based homes or nursing homes. They would need assistance to foster a social atmosphere and hygiene. Their dressings and appointments also need to be taken care of.
  • Community support worker- A community support employee would monitor conditions of the clients while at home or in the care centre and report it back to the professional health care in charge.
  • Personal care worker – Thisinvolves assisting patients24 hours within their residence byassisting them with physical movement such as cleaning or doing up their accommodation.

How to overcome your health problems and make a good living with Natural therapies

To live healthy in an increasinglyunhealthyworld is now become a challenge for everyone. Because we all are now living in setting where poor health and nutrition, chronic stress issues, environmental pollutions are heading us to various lifestyle related illnesses and diseases. In such an environment, holistic approaches such as natural therapies can help to overcome various health problems and ensure a good living for mankind.


Natural therapy treatments focus on improving body’s natural healing power, reinstating the total harmony and preventing the disease symptoms. This system of natural medicine helps to facilitate the inherent power of the body to return to its optimum health. Natural therapy is based on the principle of assessing and taking care of the patientas a whole, not just the illness.

Focus on detection and prevention of health problems


Natural therapies strongly focus on early detection of an individual’s possibility of developing a disease or a health disorder and prevention of health problems. The aim of natural therapy is to reduce the symptoms of diseases, support human body’s vital force, re-balance the whole body and train the patient to take care of his own health and his family’s health as well. Natural therapies are very effective in treating many chronic or acute health issues such as digestive issues, chronic fatigue syndrome, stress-related issues, sleep problems, behavioral problems, musculoskeletal issues, cardiovascular diseases, obesity, allergies, depression, hormonal imbalances and high blood pleasure.


natural therapy courses in Australia



Assessment and treatment by a Natural Therapist


A professional natural therapist knows the process of art of healing, which is more important than the herbal medicine or nutritional supplement. An effective natural therapy treatment requires effective communication between the physician and patient. A skilled natural therapist collects all the detailed information regarding a patient including his lifestyle, diet, family background as well as the medical history of his illness. By making proper diagnosis and evaluations, the physician propose a range of natural therapy techniques including herbal medicine, hydrotherapy, physical therapies, nutrition and dietary advice and also provide counseling for patients. A natural therapy treatment plan utilizes various techniques that are non-invasive, and effective, and make sure there are no adverse side effects.


Natural therapy education


There are many recognized natural therapy courses in Australia, which will help you get the required knowledge and skills to practice as a professional natural therapist or natural therapy physician. In order to become a natural therapist, a prospected candidate should complete a three year diploma or a bachelor degree program as well as specified hours of clinical practice. Once the candidate has passed natural therapy course in Australia, he can apply for the membership of any of the Australian professional associations. Some of the recognized associations include ANTA (Australian Natural Therapists Association), NHA (National Herbalist Association), Complementary medicine Association and other associations that represent natural therapists. After getting entitled into any of these associations, you may gain access to many benefits as a professional natural therapist in any healthcare facility. AIHM (Australian Institute of Holistic Medicine) offers natural therapy courses in Australia that are recognized by these professional associations.


As a trained professional natural therapist, you can have a wide array of career opportunities in various fields including private practice, multispecialty clinics, community clinics, research institutes, consultancies, health retreats and spas, corporate medical consultancies and so on.



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