Ayurveda Structure

The course is designed to be delivered over 2 years requiring about 15 hours of contact study hours per week. Part time options are also available, allowing course completion within 4 years.

There are two intakes per year namely January, July. Since AIHFE virtual classes are conducted in real time, students attend these interactive lectures and tutorials. Where possible virtual classes are scheduled in the afternoon or evening to accommodate many working mature age students. Virtual classroom sessions are also recorded and archived for future reference so that students can listen to the lectures as many times they want during the term and also if they miss a live class session. When virtual class rooms are not offered, students may enroll for online classes, where they are provided with all the lesson materials, recorded lectures and are assigned tutors to respond to questions. Supplementary live interactive tutorials will also be offered to support the students and to ensure that they meet the required knowledge and skills.

There are 4 terms per year with term holidays in line with school holidays. Students who enrol in January will start with term one subjects, similarly students who enroll in July will start with term one subjects and proceed from there. If you need any assistance with your study plan, please contact one of our staff members.

Course structure and AIHFE subjects (Please note that these subjects are mapped against the relevant Trainning package):

Term one:

AYF101 Foundation of Ayurveda

BMS101 Biomedical Science 1

PCD101 Prevention and Management of Chronic Diseases

Term Two:

ALN 201 Ayurvedic Life Style and Nutrition

BMS202 Biomedical Science 2

APC 201 Ayurvedic Pharmacology

Term Three:

ART301 Ayurvedic Bodywork and Remedial Therapies

ADP301 Ayurvedic Dispensing

ANT302 Ayurvedic Nutrition

APW301 Intensive practical workshop

Term Four:

CLE401 Communication, Law and Ethics

CPP401 Clinical practice and Procedures

FAD401 First Aid

ACL401 Intensive Clinic

Term Five:                                                                                                              

ADG501 Ayurvedic Diagnosis

RES501 Research Skills

ACL502 Intensive Clinic

Term Six:

AMT601 Manage Ayurvedic Treatmenet

BMA601 Business Marketing

ACL603 Intensive Clinic

Term Seven:

BPL701 Business Planning

ACL 704 Intensive Clinic

Term Eight:

ACL805 Intensive Clinic

  For mapping document and exit points please click here.

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