Aged care workers needed urgently

With each passing year, Baby Boomers approach towards their retirement age and need someone to look after them and help them deal with their health issues. Baby boomers are the people born between 1946 and 1961. They have been blessed with a longer life than any other generation owing to the progress in medical science. But, there will be always the need of devoted people to take care of baby boomers when their children are not in the vicinity. And, this heartfelt and sincere job is done by Aged Care Workers.


Role of Aged Care Workers


The demand for aged care workers has grown so intense that the Government funded Aged care courses have been introduced to make enrolled people learn how to support elderly and frail people in improving the quality of life. Aged Care Workers learn a compassionate approach to offering care and interest to enliven the lives of baby boomers. Though aged care workers are required to possess a lot of expertise, it is their sympathetic side that can make them progress in this field. For those who are seasoned professional, a career in this field brings with it many possibilities of a flourishing career.


Job Description


Aged care workers provide personal care and attention with a view to supporting older people physically and emotionally. They help them perform daily tasks like dressing, eating and showering with ease. Be it a social activity, outing or any recreational activity, aged care workers go with them wherever they go in order to be present as and when they need them.

Whether elderly are in their home or in a residential care, aged care workers take care of them like their own child.  With a defined care plans and organisational guidelines, they perform their duties under regular supervision. With Aged care courses in Perth, all those willing people who want to make money and do some good for the elderly at the same time, can definitely grow in their career.


Skills Required

  •  Aged care workers must bestow elderly with friendly and compassionate support to baby boomers in the hope of helping them with personal care, hygiene and daily living. The common duties include dressing, eating and showering.
  •  These workers are required to arrange and oversee activities to give a boost to social, emotional and social wellbeing.
  •   They will be required to cook meal, wash and iron clothes and assist with cleaning.
  • Give emotional support as well as companionship.
  •  Help them in self-medication like applying creams and taking tablets.

Personal Qualities

  •  Aged care workers are expected to be supportive, responsible and caring
  • Other than the caring attitude, they must accustom to the pain and feeling of others.
  •  Soft-spoken and good-natured in order to relate well to sick and frail

What else

By pursuing aged care courses in wa, the workers can learn how to perform supervised medical tasks like administering medications and changing dressings. They are also required to work on the weekends, in rostered shifts and evening. It is the responsibility of aged workers to keep a close watch on their physical as well as mental changes like increased discomfort, signs of anxiety or depression, sight loss, etc.

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